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  1. What is Mydns
    Mydns is a Centralized DNS Management tool developed by and fully integrated into the clientarea section, the tool is available directly from a link or from any package that include a domain name.

  2. Who can use Mydns
    Everybody can use Mydns.

  3. Can use Mydns to manage my domain if the domain is registered elsewhere?
    Yes, Mydns is free for all the registered users, doesn't matter if your domain is registered or not with us, BUT the domain need to use and as its unique nameserver in order to work.

  4. How it works?
    Its simple, when you click on the Manage DNS link from a package, it automatically recognize that domain, and allow you to manage records if the zone exists, if not then it allow you to easy/fast create the zone, and then to manage it.
    1. Type the domain in the domain search / add field, and hit submit
    2. Type the IP when is asked for and hit submit
    3. You will got the confirmation of domain creation.

  5. What kind of records can be managed?
    You can manage the basic DNS records like A, CNAME, MX, TXT(spf).

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