Kloxo Protected directory dont work

Here is the solution to this very annoying problem.

edit file


and delete everything in there and REPLACE with:


< ? php
class dirprotect__apache extends lxDriverClass {
function dbactionAdd()
function createDiruserfile()
global $gbl, $sgbl, $login, $ghtml;
$dir = "__path_httpd_root/{$this->main->getParentName()}/__dirprotect/";
$dir = "/home/httpd/{$this->main->getParentName()}/__dirprotect";
$dirfile = $dir . "/" . $this->main->getFileName();
if (!lxfile_exists($dir)) {
lxuser_mkdir($this->main->_var_username, $dir);
//lxfile_unix_chown($dir, $this->main->_var_username);
$fstr = null;
foreach($this->main->diruser_a as $v) {
$fstr .= $v->nname . ':' . crypt($v->param) . "\n";
lfile_put_contents($dirfile, $fstr );
lxfile_unix_chown($dirfile, $this->main->_var_username);
lxfile_generic_chmod($this->main->_var_username, $dirfile, "0755");
function dbactionUpdate($subaction)

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